The CAEL Word List

The CAEL Word List Page

The CAEL Word List: Do you want to learn English vocabulary?

We hope so! That is because learning English vocabulary is so important for good performance on your English language test.

If you want to see a list of words that are commonly included on the CAEL test, please click on the link below.

Go to the CAEL Vocabulary List

In order to raise the level of your English vocabulary, you should read widely in the English language.

Of course, you will need to study the new vocabulary in English in each text.

We advise keeping a vocabulary list or making vocabulary flashcards to reinforce your English language vocabulary skills.

However, when you study vocabulary, you should also pay attention to English grammar, or ESL grammar, as well as verb tense grammar.

In addition, grammar and vocabulary improvement go hand-in-hand with reading comprehension.

So your reading comprehension skill will also improve with your English language vocabulary and grammar skills.

In other words, you improve reading comprehension and grammar skills as you improve vocabulary skills.

Studying actively and having good study habits will help you be able to achieve academic success!