The CAEL Assessment Writing

The CAEL Assessment Writing

The CAEL Assessment Writing Test is always the last part of the CAEL test. However, you will see the essay topic at the beginning of the test.

The CAEL Writing Test question is shown to you when you begin the CAEL Assessment because you should think about the essay question as you prepare the Reading and Listening Tests.

In other words, because all parts of the CAEL Assessment are on the same topic, you can use information from the Reading Test and Listening Test in order to write your essay on the CAEL Writing Test.

Your essay should be approximately two hand-written pages long. You are allowed 45 minutes to prepare your essay. You should therefore plan your essay carefully before you begin to write.

The CAEL Writing Test is usually a discursive essay task. Discursive essay topics ask you to discuss advantages or disadvantages of a situation, agree or disagree with a statement, or make an argument against or in favor of a claim.

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