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Sample Listening Test

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CAEL Practice Listening Test mp3 sample

1. What is this lecture about? Check one. (1 point)

____ The importance of DNA research

____ The fundamentals of gene splicing

____ The background and controversies of genetic engineering

____ The reasons why Factor 9 should be used to prevent birth defects

2. According to the speaker, genetic engineering has already been conducted on what two types of plants? (2 points)

3. Genetic engineering can make plants more resistant to what two dangers? (2 points)

4. Complete the chart below with information form the lecture:
(4 points)

Characteristics of DNA:

(a) DNA is the genetic __________ found in each and every living cell.

(b) DNA chains consist of __________ separate components called nucleotides.

(c) The nucleotides on the DNA chain determine the __________ information for the cells.

(d) Your DNA can should your doctor whether you are susceptible to a __________ .

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12. The Main Idea (5 points)

In the space below, summarize, in point form if you like, the main points of this lecture.

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