CAEL Tips Page

Remember these CAEL Tips to improve your exam performance!

Studying hard for your test is important. But when exam day comes, your preparation will be completed.

However, it is normal to be nervous on the day of your test.

For this reason, you will need to have an exam management strategy.

You will perform well on your exam day if you heed this advice:

1) Take time to read the instructions.

2) Write the best answer after you have read the questions carefully.

3) If you are not sure of an answer, then guess. Remember that there is no penalty for guessing.

4) Keep your answer sheet clean and easy to read. If you erase an answer, do so neatly because the test will be read by an examiner.

5) Manage your time well. Bear in mind how many questions there are on each part of the test and keep an eye on the time.

6) Have a P-M-A “Positive Mental Attitude”.

7) Visualize yourself succeeding on the exam to calm your nerves on test day.

8) Above all, don’t worry about your performance. You have prepared well and you can succeed!

Good luck on your test!