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Information on CAEL Test Reading: The CAEL Reading Test has two parts. You are allowed 45 to 60 minutes to complete the CAEL Reading Test.

The CAEL Reading Test has questions on two articles. The topic of the reading articles is the same topic as the CAEL Listening Test and the CAEL Writing Test.

For example, you might have articles on genetic engineering on the Reading Test and then listen to a genetic engineering lecture on the Listening Test. Then finally, you would write an essay about the topic of genetic engineering for your Writing Test.

The first reading task is usually a longer article that you should scan for specific information. Scan means that you read the article quickly in order to find certain key points. This part of the test is usually worth 12 to 15 points.

The second reading task is a shorter article that you should read carefully for detailed information. This part of the Reading Test is usually worth 23 to 27 points.

Unlike other English language tests, the CAEL Reading Test is not a multiple choice test. For the CAEL test, you must write your answers in the gaps provided or complete charts based on the information given in the reading texts.

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