CAEL Practice Listening

CAEL Practice Listening Test

Our CAEL Practice Listening Test is in the same format as the actual CAEL Listening Test.

This page provides information about the CAEL Listening Test.

You are allowed 15 to 20 minutes to complete the CAEL Listening Test.

The CAEL Listening Test is usually worth 19 to 30 points towards your total score.

For a free sample of our CAEL Listening Practice Test, please click on the link below.

Go to the Free Sample Listening Test

For the CAEL Listening Test, you will hear a recorded lecture or talk.

The lecture or talk will be on the same topic as in the Reading Test.

You will hear the recording only once.

You will need to answer the questions on your test paper while you listen to the recording.

You may also want to take notes as you listen to the recording on the CAEL Listening Test.

The questions on the CAEL Listening Test are not multiple choice.

Instead, you will have to write down a list of main points, fill in gaps with specific points, or complete charts or diagrams with information from the lecture or talk.

The lecture or talk is at the level of a university course for first-year students.

Specialist knowledge of particular academic subjects is therefore not necessary in order to take the test.