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Do you need practice for the CAEL Exam? Our CAEL practice tests contain all parts of the exam, just like the actual CAEL examination.

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The CAEL is the Canadian Academic English Language Assessment. The CAEL Test is an assessment of the English language used in academic situations in colleges and universities in Canada.

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The purpose of the exam is to assess the English language ability and level of students who are planning to study in Canada.

For this reason, the CAEL tests academic English in the way that it is actually used in Canadian colleges and universities.

The CAEL test contains four parts. Each CAEL test has a reading, listening, writing, and speaking exam.

The CAEL is an integrated exam. Therefore, the reading, listening, and writing exams on the CAEL are all on the same topic.

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Work in Canada for CAEL Students

The Work in Canada Page gives information about applying for student jobs in Canada.

Scholarships Financial Aid Page for CAEL Students

Scholarships Financial Aid Page – College scholarships and college grants can be obtained from a number of educational organizations and foundations.

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